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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App?

Today, more than 80% of the world’s population is online. Every second person has a smartphone.  For 2020, the number of smartphone users worldwide is 3.5 billion. It means the smartphone penetration rate is at 45.4 percent.  

An effective mobile strategy is essential. It means you should have a plan. There is a need to get a mobile app that works for you. 

Get in touch with an experienced mobile app development company in the USA. They will help you get maximum value from every dollar invested into the mobile app.


The importance of a mobile app 

Apps rule the mobile application market. Gmail, Maps, and Google Search rule the trends. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are not far behind. Businesses have more opportunities to deliver their product or service.  This is driven by worldwide customer preferences of using the mobile more than a laptop. This means that your business needs a mobile presence to stay connected with its customers. You cannot afford to ignore the mobile option. The truth is self-evident. 

The point of the Mobile app is a seamless connection. Currently, mobile apps provide an excellent platform for business, banking, education, etc. This facility closes the gap between distance and time. Amazon and Uber are using mobile applications for customer engagement and direct marketing. 


Let’s check out some benefits for your business:


1 – Your Apps always mind your business 

Mobile apps reinforce your brand. They increase your visibility. An app adds more presence on the phone that elsewhere. They are always there on the screen. It helps to build loyalty with customers. 


2 – Apps increase customer engagement 

Customers connect with apps. It is a way to find what they want. Businesses are using apps to improve their presence. It allows interaction with customers. An app is a valuable tool for the modern market. 


3 – Customers don’t have to wait 

Mobile apps are faster than mobile web browsing. Browsing needs a browser. You enter the URL and wait for the site to load.  A mobile app opens in seconds. All information is in the application. It also functions offline. 


Why hire mobile app developers?

Mobile presence has become crucial for survival. There are three billion smartphone users worldwide. Nearly 179 billion mobile applications are downloaded per year. Your brand too can get a commanding presence in the market. But to achieve this position, you need to outsource mobile app development to well-known experts. They have the years of experience and proficiency to develop and deploy a mobile app that can help your business with an unmatched competitive edge. 

A mobile application is a software design that runs for the mobile. Apps cover a lot of ground. It involves complex feats to technological mastery. Sometimes, it may be the use of simple gadgetry. Building an app takes technical training. It is where the experts come in to help you with, 


1 – Research and planning- 

You decide the purpose of the app. You target the market, platforms, and revenue model. You also do background research on your competitors. 


2 – Wire-framing – 

You make a concrete plan of how your app will work. This involves white-boarding or wire framing the app. You figure out major design elements and user flow on a piece of paper. 


3 – Working out Technical feasibility – 

Apps have sophisticated technical requirements. You need to look into the backend system. You have to consider research APIs. You also check the possibility of other support systems. 


4 – Prototyping – 

You build a proof of the concept model. It helps to check and refine your concept. This stage can vary a lot. It depends on how you prototype your app. Some prototyping tools are closer to models than actual working prototypes. The tools may show the layout and some animations. 

Things get tricky from here. Prototypes enable developers to build a fully functional mock app. The whole process takes 6 to 18 weeks. It is the part that requires specialized knowledge of UX/UI design and coding. 


How much does it cost to make an app?  

You get what you pay for. In other words, the cost of an app depends on the features. Your requirements are a deciding factor. Your app could cost more for add-ons.  

A common misunderstanding is – high price means quality. It is a matter of finding the right choice. A trustworthy team is essential. Besides, there are other deciding factors.

You decide to have an app. No software development company will inform you of the exact cost. There is no fixed rate list. Your specifications need a working time. A team of developers will estimate the hours. Of course, you will get a bill.  


Still, the significant factors that influence costs are: 

1 – Features and functionality 

2 – Customization of visuals design 

3 – Platforms- iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.

4 – Backend infrastructure 

5 – App administration 

6 – Locations and structure of the development team 

7 – App maintenance cost 

The complexity of your app will decide the cost. The addition of features will raise the budget. Depending upon the size of your app, you may need more experts. You may also need to hire quality assurance. Your project management team will have many people.


Categories of apps  

Apps can be split into three types- Simple, Moderate, and Complex. The approximate cost would be: 

A simple app with standard features may cost almost starting from $2,000

A moderate app with some features may cost almost starting from $4,000

A complex app with multiple features may cost approximately starting from $5,000

The above figures are just an idea. Every app is different. You pay more for a great app. There are other fees such as server cost, legal, and startup. If you turn your app into your business tool- there will be a maintenance cost after development.


Geography too plays a role

The dynamics of web applications are growing day by day. You need to pick the apt web application development company to get the app developed. Here the location of the developer will play a major role. 

For instance, North America (USA and Canada) is considered the most expensive place to get an app developed. Developers typically charge between $90-$150 per hour of work. Now compare this with Asia. Skilled and experienced developers from India charge $25-$45 per hour which is a fraction of their American counterparts.

But make sure to exercise due diligence when outsourcing mobile app development work. It is preferred to delegate the critical work to an established app development agency that has a proven track record in building enterprise grade apps for clients. Their experience and past client testimonials will come in handy in making a decision.  


To conclude:

App design is an essential part of any business’ growth strategy in 2020 and beyond. This is a vital part of your business’ scheme of things. Hence, you should hire a capable app development agency. They will help your business to scale with functional, secure, and user-friendly mobile apps. 


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