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Starting a company involves handling multiple a challenging tasks. We help entrepreneurs achieve their objectives by providing them world class technology resources in a unique partnership model. In the past 6 years, we have worked with 200+ products, some of which have raised millions of $$ in angel / VC funding.


If your product requires design, technology, or analytics work, then we deploy our highly trained teams to take your product to the next level.


We help you raise investment by bringing you in contact with investors. Our demo days provide you opportunities to meet with investors and raise funding for your products.


We identify parenerthip opportunities among multiple startups. Also, We regularly setup networking opportunities so that you can create good connections with industry experts.


Our technology team has expertise in developing mobile applications and web applications with superb quality. Our skills of putting attention-to-details helps develop high-performance products. Our secure and scalable applications are used by Fortune 500 companies, Investment Banks, large Universities as well as by millions of users.

We love entrepreneurs and their startups! In fact, we have our own startup product that is growing rapidly. We would love to work with you in launching your application. Not only that, we would work with you in providing valuable tech maintenance & support after you have acquired your early customers.


Funding generally requires close introductions, meeting, & recommendations in addition to grand vision and a top-notch product. This is where we come into the picture. We have developed strong relations with financial institutions as well as with super angels, who could be willing to fund your product.
Through our demo days, you can meet up new investors whose investments can bring tremendous growth for your company. Equity partnership, and investment at the right time can grow your startup to a whole new level.

Note: If you are an investor, and would like to have early meetings with our new entrepreneurial partners, then contact us to discuss the next steps.


We have a unique approach in identifying and partnering with talented Entrepreneurial teams. Our relations with multiple service providers as well as with other startups can help you in the successful launch of your product.

We routinely interact with senior level management in multiple industry verticals. If your product happens to be in one of these verticals, then we can put you in direct contact with influential people in the industry. In many cases, this is the single most important step in acquiring your first corporate customer.

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