Why Design is the Most Important Factor in Mobile App Development

Why Design is the Most Important Factor in Mobile App Development?

Most businesses and services offer an app nowadays, but why do they do that? You see, mobile apps can make navigation easy, they’re visually pleasing, and they’re more interactive too. Due to this trend, most new businesses opt for an app from the beginning, which is definitely a smart move.

However, what isn’t smart is charging head-on and making an app. While many people believe an app is only as good as the features it offers, we beg to differ. While the features are obviously important factors in mobile app development, the design of the app itself is far more important.

My friend, we are quite certain that custom software design catered to the necessity of the users can change the way an app is accepted. Today, we’re going to discuss it more below.

However, before we get started, we would like to explain two terms UI and UX. Often these terms are confused over, and after going through this, the concept of both the terms will be clear to you.

User Interface (UI):

The user interface or UI is the visual design of the app. The UI determines the color scheme and the theme of the interface, plus it determines the content placement, font size, button placement, etc.

The UIs are usually designed by graphics designers. These people research consumer behavior, and they try to create an interface that’ll be the most immersive.

User Experience (UX):

The user experience or the UX determines how interactive the app will be. The aim of UX is to make the experience easy so that the end-users can navigate through the app easily and get what they’re looking for.

UX design is more complicated than it might seem, and there are specialized firms that offer UX design services. It’s better to outsource from a UI UX design company if you want the best results.

Why Custom Software Design Is the Most Important Factor in Mobile App Development?


Let’s say you crammed tons of features into your company’s app, but you haven’t given thought into how the users might interact with them. If created in such a way, an app won’t perform as expected, as the users won’t know how to get what they want.

On the other hand, an app with a fewer number of features will perform better if it’s organized to the users’ preference.

We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t add tons of features to your app. Facebook started with a handful of features, and it was simple back then. Over time, they included dozens of new features, but it’s just as simple now as it was back then.

To sum up, we can say that it doesn’t matter how many features you’re adding to the app. What’s necessary is organizing the interface in a way that the users will be able to find what they require.

A UI UX design company usually interlinks different pages of the app, and they also provide a menu that allows the user to access any page at any time.

Supporting Multiple Platforms:

There are two major operating systems when it comes to mobile phones, Android and iOS. There are other operating systems as well, but those are based on Android. While these are quite like Android, Android, and iOS are worlds apart.

These platforms not only perform differently, but they look, navigate, and function differently as well. While there are only four distinguishable elements of iOS, there are five elements of Android. The displays and resolutions of the corresponding devices are different as well, which forces the UI UX design company to create different interfaces dedicated to both platforms.

Brand Message:

The appearance of the app interface can speak for the company itself. For example, a colorful theme will suit a company that sells kid’s clothing, but a company that deals with legal issues will do better with a more planar color scheme.

Your company’s app interface can influence the visitors, sending your brand message to their thought. It can help you create a good brand image for the visitors, turning them into potential customers.


No one likes high load times. Statistically speaking, if your app page takes more than 3 seconds to load, 40% of users are most likely to stop using your app. People usually expect websites and app pages to load in 2 seconds. Even if they don’t abandon your website the first time, it’s more likely that they won’t return for a second shot.

As you can see, a slow-loading app won’t be able to outperform its competitors. That’s why every UI UX design company aims to create a custom software design with fast load times. The speed depends on many factors, but the design is one of the main among them.

Impacting User Interaction:

How the users will use your app can be impacted heavily by its design. If the content and buttons of the app are placed strategically, you’ll be able to generate more clicks and a greater revenue stream from your app. A highly skilled, UI UX design company can create such a custom software design tailored to suit the requirements of the company.


Custom software design can affect the performance of any app heavily, and it’s recommended to hire a specialized UI UX design company to do the job. In the US, mobile app development in California is one of the best you’ll come across. We’ll end this article with a few tips that can improve the UI performance of your app. These are:

  1. Never compromise the speed; this is one of the major factors.
  2. Keep the interface as simple as possible. Overcrowding will slow the app down, and it may make the user disoriented.
  3. Only display what they may require.

When you’re contacting a UI UX design company, ask them to maintain the aforementioned factors, and don’t ask for features that’ll force them to compromise these. Only then will you be able to get the best design for your app.

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