Top 5 Changes in Mobile App Development Companies in Post-COVID Time

Top 5 Changes in Mobile App Development Companies in Post-COVID Time

The lockdown due to COVID-19 has changed our lives completely. Not just our physical health, but COVID-19 has affected our mental health, lifestyle, as well as psychology. Some human behaviour will remain even after the lockdown is lifted; for example, the trend of online shopping and the in-app transaction has risen and will keep rising as people have grown to trust them. 

To adapt to the ‘New Normal,’ each software development company is being forced to update its policies and approaches. By the end of this article, you’ll know about the top 5 changes each mobile app development company in the USA will face. Let’s get started. 

Top 5 Changes in Every Mobile App Development Company in the USA in Post-Covid Time:

1. Online Shopping and Pharmacy

Online shopping or online transactions aren’t anything new, but these trends rose sharply during the lockdown. While online shopping was mainly used for buying luxury or entertainment items in the past, the pandemic forced people to buy everything ranging from groceries to medicine through online shopping. 

As this trend is established at this point, it’s likely that people will keep getting their daily essentials through online services because they’ve grown to trust this method. It goes without saying that online purchase is more convenient than visiting traditional brick and mortar stores, which increases the chance even more. Other than groceries, the trend of buying medicine online has risen as well. 

Online shopping and pharmacy businesses are creating dedicated apps for providing a better user experience. This proves to be beneficial to every software development company, as it’s a potential steady revenue stream. 

We can also see a lot of apps providing online medical assistance, and this sector is growing as well. An expert mobile app development company in the USA can profit by taking up such projects. 

2. Blockchain Technology

As the trend of E-commerce kept rising, the demand for a technology that would secure all the transactions grew. Thus, we have blockchain technology. Blockchain deals with usual currencies such as USD, and it also keeps records of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. 

The websites based on blockchain technology are getting more popular than the others, and faster. Amazon is a great example. Whatever you purchase from Amazon, your transaction history will immediately be recorded and put with tons of other information in a block. 

Blockchain is secure because this technology verifies each and every transaction. Meaning, once you confirm your purchase, computers will check and verify whether the transaction actually took place or not. 

Integrating blockchain technology will allow consumers to purchase through digital currency, which is getting more popular every day. Then again, the integration of blockchain guarantees safety from cyberattacks, which is very important for convincing people to trust online transactions. That’s why every software development company must learn more about blockchain technology to get the industry’s upper hand.

3. 5G Technology

In this fast-paced world, people won’t click on an app or a website that takes a few seconds more to load. That’s why no software development company can display all of its creation through the apps and websites, as the current 4G internet restricts them from doing so. 

However, things are about to change with 5G technology. 5G will provide more speed and latency ten times less than that of 4G. This will make the apps faster and will allow developers to integrate more advanced features into them. 

With 5G technology, apps will get more cloud-based, and this will have the highest impact on entertainment industries. 4K and 8K streaming will become more available, and cloud gaming will take over as well. We do have cloud gaming now, but we can’t utilize them properly due to insufficient internet bandwidth and latency. With a 5G connection, no software development company will be restricted anymore!

4. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR and VR are becoming more popular due to the lockdown. When these were first introduced, they were widely appreciated, but the craze seemed to die down a little bit. However, these are getting popular nowadays. 

Augmented reality allows people to try out a new dress, a hairstyle, or accessories without leaving their homes. It also lets us measure the size of objects or find a location easily with Google Maps. It also has a distinct place in the gaming and entertainment industry as well! There are lots of untapped potentials when it comes to AR, and the only limit to what can be achieved with it is our creativity. 

Then there’s virtual reality. Applications are already being developed that’ll allow people to be in the same room as other people, talk to them, touch them, even when they’re miles apart! All of these can be done with virtual reality technology, and a lot of mobile app Development Company in the USA are striving to create VR based apps. Plus, VR gaming is growing as a distinct industry and it’s predicted to get better with time. VR is also being used to hold huge events such as conferences, and it’s very likely that this will be used post-COVID too. 

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is being used to analyze and understand data that would otherwise be impossible to do so with human brains. Artificial intelligence lets us understand patterns very accurately, allowing us to easily understand and predict complex things like consumer behaviour and weather forecasts. 

Huge chunks of data are floating around on the internet. With artificial intelligence, developers can finally utilize these data. With such information, any mobile application development company in California will be able to create better apps and tools that’ll be valuable to the industry. 


COVID-19 is a global crisis, and it’s changing our life permanently. If any software development company wishes to keep up with this change, it needs to harness the new technologies that’ll be defining the post-COVID time.

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