Top 10 Mobile App Ideas for 2021

Top 10 Mobile App Ideas for 2021

A mobile platform provides one of the greatest platforms where you can get creative with your ideas. Then again, mobile apps are dominating the current market. Statistics inform that 85% of people in the world use mobile apps, which means that you can reach almost everyone through mobile apps.

However, competition increases with an increasing prospect. To convert your ideas into profit, you need to stand out with unique ideas. Today, we’ll talk about the top 10 mobile ideas that any custom mobile app development company can use to create the best apps for 2021.

Top 10 Mobile App Ideas for Every Web App Development Company:

1.    Augmented Designing App:

Augmented reality is already being used for serving different purposes. Augmented reality technology is being used to create a variety of apps ranging from interactive games to useful tools.

A web app development company can use augmented reality to create designing apps that’ll allow people to customize their home decoration, dress-up, or makeups virtually. An independent web app development company can create a generalized app, while a custom mobile app development company can take the project from different companies and make dedicated apps to serve that companies purpose.

If made for the right company, a web app development company can generate revenue from the development and maintenance of that particular app.

2.    Tenant Finder:

Renting or selling a home can be a tiresome process. You have to find the right broker to represent you, and you’ll lose a hefty cut from the price you’re selling your house for.

This can be simplified easily with simple social media like the app. A dedicated app where people can sign up and enlist their home can become very popular in a short amount of time. You can add other relevant features through which viewers can rate the house, leave reviews, contact the seller, etc.

If a custom mobile app development company wants to take it up a notch, it can create a bonus facility through which sellers can provide a 3D model of their home. This will allow people to go through the home without having to visit in person.

3.    Organic Food Finder:

This is a time where people are always on the look for organic food. However, as most people are staying in the cities and towns with minimum to no private farms, it’s not possible to get hands-on organic food easily.

An app that can connect people to self-employed farmers who promise 100% organic food can create a splash. Through this app, people will get easy access to organic food, and farmers will be encouraged to produce more organic food materials as well.

4.    Translation App:

Whenever the COVID-19 lockdown ends, the tourism sector will be booming for sure. When visiting foreign countries with a different language, people hire tour guides solely for acting as a translator, or they buy expensive gadgets dedicated to serve that purpose.

If this function can be made available through an affordable or free mobile app, people will surely opt for it. As tourism is expected to increase, it’s only reasonable to launch the app, as the timing couldn’t be better.

5.    Receipt and Bill Manager:

Receipt and bill managing apps already exist. However, people must scan their receipts and bills manually to update their profile.

If a custom mobile app development company is willing to go the extra mile, they can create a receipt and bill management app that can be integrated with the software of different stores and services. Through this app, the bill or receipt will be added to the user’s account directly, eliminating the need to scan the receipts manually.

6.    Traveling App:

As we’ve said earlier, the tourism sector is expected to boom in 2021. That’s why a custom mobile app development company can create a traveling app that not only helps the travelers find and book suitable hotels, restaurants, and bars but guides them through the experience.

The app can suggest them the right destination to visit, help them schedule their trip, and get the best deals.

7.    Parking Guide:

People often don’t find a place to park their vehicles. Sometimes, things can get messy when someone drives in a lot and finds it completely full.

To save people from this, a parking guide app can be developed. This app will use GPS and security cameras to locate a suitable parking spot for individuals. This app will require some time to grow, but it will be unstoppable if it’s promoted through the right medium. Such an app can also reduce crime, as it’ll be monitoring the cameras all the time.

8.    Restaurant Table Booking:

Calling a restaurant to book a seat is not only old-school, but there are many instances where it can go wrong. This is where a booking app comes in. Such apps can be designed and developed by any web app development company. These apps will perform like any other food delivery app, but instead of delivering food, they’ll be reserving seats in desired restaurants.

9.    Event Planner:

When planning an event, an individual needs to contact different services, and this process can become tiresome. However, an app that provides all the contacts in one place can stand out if it offers flexibility and easy access.

10.  Carbon Footprint Calculator:

A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon we leave in the environment through our actions. To minimize global warming, we must minimize the carbon footprint we leave behind.  An app combining machine learning with AR dedicated to calculating this will be very convenient for those who’re concerned about preserving the environment.


Any web app development company can make an app. In fact, each custom mobile application development company dozens of apps, at least. What’s challenging is making an app that provides value to the users as well as the developers.

The ten ideas mentioned above can be used to create apps that’ll provide value in 2021. The ideas were selected after thorough scrutiny, market research, and situation analysis. So, if you’re willing to hop onto the train, it’s best you get started today.

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