Cost and Features of a Car Rental Software Development

Cost and Features of a Car Rental Software Development

Ridesharing has gained popularity in recent years like never before. But, managing a fleet of cabs and taxis isn’t as easy as it seems. And moreover, in recent years technology has taken over the world by storm and so, everyone wants instant services just a tap away. And, to provide such quick and efficient services software development is the only way. So, let’s quickly dive into some of the pros of having a Car Rental Software Development and how it can help you take your business to the next level. 

Pros of Car Rental Booking Software

1. Real-time:- Data Real-time data is the need of the hour because gone are the days when people used to call taxi and cab providers well in advance to check the availability of cabs and taxis. And this can be done with an efficient car reservation software in place which will showcase the real-time data of all the available cars and other vehicles. This automation not only gives the consumer a personalized feel but also gives the owners and the management ample time to focus on other major things leaving the mundane ones behind. 

2. Marketing Strategy:- Having a business online is not a mere app, instead, it is a proper marketing tool and helps as a business booster and promoter like no other thing can. And once, you get it right, it is going to yield you high returns. 

3. Credibility:- The business dynamics have changed massively over the years and now having a well-built car reservation software helps in increasing the brand credibility and brand value. People trust in businesses more quickly which have user-friendly mobile apps along with a decent website. 

4. Higher ROI:- Custom software development helps in yielding higher returns, wondering how? Mobile apps run all day long i.e. 24*7 providing transport connectivity and making people’s lives easier and hassle-free. So, if your business runs day and night the profits are sure to cross the margins. . 

Features of a Car Rental Software Development 

Car rental software is designed keeping in mind 3-panels for the smooth and easy functioning of the app. The 3-panels are:

– Admin – Customer – Driver 

Now that we know about the 3 must-have panels in the car rental software, let’s dive into their respective feature’s importance. 

1. Admin

Rental Owner Management:- Admin can manage and edit the list of all the car rental owners they have on-board with them.

Transaction Management:- Another important feature is the transaction management that the admin keeps monitoring from time to time for both the app and website. 

Vehicle Management:-  Keeping a record of all the vehicle models and their brands is also crucial for the smooth functioning of the business in the long run. Otherwise, in the absence of this feature, it will become very chaotic to manage a large number of vehicles. 

Reviews:-  Admin can also manage the reviews and ratings given by the customer and also hold the power of deleting any such comment if found inappropriate. 

Live Chat:- This feature gives more credibility to the users in case of any contingency or issues they might be facing related to anything. 

2. Customer

Login:-  The customer panel should have the first and foremost important feature of being able to login using social media accounts like Google and Facebook. 

Secure Payment:- The app should have a secure integrated payment gateway in place for customers to make the payment without any trouble. 

Location:-  Customers should have the feature of manually entering the pickup and drop locations apart from the GPS tracking system. 

● Car Details:- Customers should be able to view the details of the car like, model, color, car number, and the available features along with it. 

Rating:- After the completion of the ride or trip, customers should be able to give ratings based on their overall experience for the improvement of service quality. 

Push Notifications:-This is yet another important feature to have on the customer-panel as it notifies them about various activities like payment status, booking details, ongoing offers, and lots more. 

3. Driver

Login:-  Drivers should also have the feature of being able to log in easily with social media accounts like Facebook and Google. 

Booking Details:- Drivers should have the access to view the booking details for their upcoming as well as previous ride bookings. 

Payment:-  Along with the admin, drivers should also be able to view the payment panel once their customer has made the payment to avoid any confusion and chaos. 

Manage availability:- Drivers should have the feature to manage their availability on the mobile app. This gives them a free hand to manage their working hours with flexibility and ease. 

Cost of Car Rental Software Development 

Now, after having discussed the major features of the car rental app, let’s address the biggest question that arises in the mind of every potential car rental owner when they plan to set up this business. The cost varies depending on several factors like the company being hired for development or the number of developers, the number of features required for the app, the technology and API used while designing the app and so much more. But if I am to give you a general idea of an estimated cost, then getting a car rental software designed will cost you somewhere around $1000-$12000. 

Since we have reached the end of this blog, in the end, I would just like to add that every business in today’s time needs to stream online to stay in the market for the long run. And, especially for car rental owners, the mobile app has become a boon after Ola and Uber gained huge popularity. So, if you are worried about the cost, just think of it as a future investment that will reap huge profits. 

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