The Top 15 Analytics Tools A Business Owner Should Know

If you have already made up your mind to start an online business, you should acquire a good knowledge of all the things associated with it, to turn it into a successful business. Web development agency would surely help you with the website development but you should still have a good idea about the basics of Analytics. Below are some of the excellent analytics tools you should be aware of.

01.Google Analytics– This is the most popular and important analytics tool that can help you to thrive in your venture. It is Google’s free analytics tool that helps you to analyze the complete details about the user who has visited your website and form a well-defined strategy thereafter.

02. Core Metrics– Core Metrics can be used to analyze your website traffic, Facebook, and Twitter interaction, link conversion metrics, etc..

03. Web Traffic- This provides you with a complete detailed analysis of your business marketing- both online and offline. A digital marketing agency can effectively channel your website’s marketing strategy based on the data.

04. Hits Link– This is one of the oldest and powerful web analytics company. It analyzes the traffic contour of your website in real-time, tracking a record of 300 search engines, a detailed navigation report, and alerts, and alerts when traffic is high or low.

05. Fire Click Advanced Warehouse– This provides a complete and detailed view of the activity on your website, optimizes layout and design, monitors your customer’s behavior.

06. Chart Beat– This is an analytic option to achieve a deeper insight into the customer’s behavior like how long the user remains on the page if he is actively reading your website, etc..

07. Woopra– This analytics company helps you build each of your customer’s profile in real-time. The business owner can then view the behavioral data of each customer throughout their digital journey and plan accordingly.

08. Alexa– This is a free online search tool that gives data on traffic, search engines, user demographics, etc..

09. Compete– This is one of the most important analytics tools that allows makes you aware of the keywords people use to land into your or your competitor’s website. It can also provide the search engine that is used to access your or your competitors’ website.

10. ClickTale– This is a cloud-based analytic system and service that gives you a live feel about how a customer feels about your website through heat maps, reports, and individual session replays.

11. ClickDensity– This tool can suggest you the best places to insert your content, links, and ads for a greater clicking rate.

12. CrazyEgg– This tool allows the user to understand customer’s interests with tools such as Heatmap, Scroll map or Overlay.

13. Hitwise– This tool measures customer’s behavior and makes an effort to improve the standards of the website accordingly.

14. Clicky– This gives you complete detail and idea about your website’s traffic.

15. Piwik– It tracks online visits to websites and displays a report based on the analysis.

If you are considering app development for your websites, these tools can still help you extensively.

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